AncientOS Android 10 Q GSI Download + Review

AncientOS Android Generic System Image Illustration Banner

From many custom ROM project, AncientOS quite stand different to other thanks to its devs that worked a lot on the User Interface side. And with the development going on the GSI, we now can try AncientOS on every Android device even there are no AncientOS ROM built yet for our device.

Licosha — Feel boring with the vanilla user interface of Android 10? Then this one GSI may will surprise you of how the user interface designed uniquely to most other ROM project, it is AncientOS.

AncientOS logo banner illustration

Instead satisfied with adding and removing patch to make a new custom ROM project, AncientOS devs do extra job to tune the user interface to make it as unique as possible.

Generally AncientOS user interface design is inspired by Samsung’s OneUI. So, want to have OneUI-like experience on your Android device? Then you might like to try AncientOS GSI on your Android device.

AncientOS Android 10 Q GSI info

gsi AncientOS
maintainer igors1974 @Sourceforge
build Unofficial
android version Android 10 Q
partition style A / AB
architecture ARM / ARM64 / Binder (A64)

Quick review of AncientOS Android 10 Q GSI

AncientOS Android 10 sample screenshots, by semeton_dewata @Telegram

AncientOS is indeed a nice ROM that will pleasure your eyes every time you use your Android device and see to the User Interface. Not to mention with lots of UI customizations from icons, theming, and tuning every part of the UI will make you enjoy looking to your Android device.

But at least when I used the GSI on my little ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone, it is not a smooth performance indeed. Over time using this AncientOS GSI on my phone, it drains more battery than usual.

Kind of understandable though, with lots of flashy user interface elements to display, it will make the processor do harder job (compared to simpler UI) to display those flashy UI graphics to the screen thus this AncientOS GSI might drain battery faster. In the we must always choose, performance or appearance 😃.

How to install AncientOS Android 10 Q GSI (Example on ASUS Zenfone Live L2)

If you still don’t know how to install a GSI on your ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone, you can read it here for the complete steps: How to Install Generic System Image (GSI) on ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android Phone.

For common bugs that I usually found on an Android GSI and how to fix it, you can read it here: Common GSI Bugs on ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android Phone.

Additional bug fix patch

When I tried this AncientOS GSI on my ASUS Zenfone Live L2 (I use the ARM64-A), it made the device reboot to fastboot when the first time I booted it. Thankfully this SELinux Fix Q GSI – A patch can solve it, you can download it below:

SELinux Fix Q GSI – (407 kB)

AncientOS Android 10 Q GSI download link

AncientOS v. 3.9 Android 10 Q GSI | All Target Builds

Older versions

AncientOS v. 3.8 Android 10 Q GSI | All Target Builds

Additional patch for older versions:

[For A style partition] Ancient v. 3.8 Patch (4.9 MB)

🎖 Credits 🎖:
• ZENFONE LIVE L1 & L2 | XOORD Telegram group, for the patches and fixes.

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