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Nusantara Project R Custom ROM – ASUS Zenfone Live L2

If on previous post I have shared the GSI based ROM for ASUS Zenfone Live, now today is the real deal, the real custom ROM: Nusantara Project. And what’s more, it’s Android 11 🤪.

Licosha — Yahoo! Finally, after waited so long for a custom ROM for my little ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone, now someone have made a custom ROM (although a ported one 😅) and it is Nusantara Project 3.0. Huge thanks to the builders.

A little bit about Nusantara Project itself, it is a custom Android ROM project aimed for high customizations while keep things tidy, with special UI touches. What’s special? Well just check the screenshots on my ASUS Zenfone Live L2 below or look at Nusantara Project ROM official website.

Nusantara Project ROM ASUS Zenfone Live L2


Nusantara Project custom ROM for ASUS Zenfone Live L2 info

ROM nameNusantara Project
author🏅 TukanggILOC @Telegram
target deviceZenfone Live L2
ROM version3.0 | Android 11
ROM size710 MB
Nusantara Project ROM screenshots 1 ASUS Zenfone Live L2
Nusantara Project ROM screenshots 2 ASUS Zenfone Live L2

How to install Nusantara Project ROM for ASUS Zenfone Live L2

  1. Boot your ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone into recovery mode.
  2. Wipe the partitions:
    • Data
    • Cache
    • Dalvik
    • System
    • Vendor

    Next, on the recovery menu, choose reboot to recovery (Be careful to not reboot to other mode).

  3. Now back again on recovery menu, choose Install menu then select the “ROM zip” file to flash / install it. Wait until done.
  4. Back on Install menu again, now install the “Kernel Lockdown zip” file. Wait until done.
  5. Next, mount Vendor and System, then install the “Decrypt Pie” zip file.
  6. [Optional] Because this ROM is vanilla version, you can install the GAPPS package if you want to have Google Play Services on your ASUS Zenfone Live L2.
  7. Done! Reboot your phone. First boot might take some times (around 5 – 10 minutes).


  • The ROM doesn’t include boot animation so it will only display standard Android boot animation. If you want to have the flashy Nusantara Project boot animation on your ASUS Zenfone Live, go back to recovery menu and install the “Boot Animation zip” file.
  • Bootloop? If you have waited like more than 10 minutes and the ROM doesn’t boot yet, try:
    1. Go back to recovery menu. Force the phone to shut off by press and holding the power button for several seconds. After your ASUS Zenfone Live L2 screen is off, quickly press and hold the volume down + power buttons for several seconds, release it when the phone vibrate.
    2. Now on recovery menu, mount System and Vendor partition.
    3. Install the “Decrypt Pie zip file”.
    4. Wipe Dalvik/cache.
    5. Reboot your ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone.

Known bugs on this Nusantara Project ROM for ASUS Zenfone Live L2

  • Rounded corner radius setting value always revert back to default after opening fullscreen apps.
  • SIM 2 mobile data is dead 😭.
  • Default file manager sometimes crashed when trying to install an apk file.
  • Unable to connect to Miracast devices.

Nusantara Project custom ROM for ASUS Zenfone Live L2 download link

Nusantara v. 3.0 11 X00R-08072021 UNOFFICIAL (710 MB)

Kernel (31 MB)

Additional files

Google Apps (GAPPS) ARM64 11.0 Nano – (215 MB)

Decrypt (193 kB)

Nusantara Project Boot (2.21 MB)

Nusantara Project R custom ROM video on my ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone.

🏅 Credits 🏅
⭐ Source: ZENFONE LIVE L1 7 L2 | X00RD Telegram group.

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