qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android Generic System Image (GSI) Download + Review


Licosha — qiDroid is an Android GSI project that uses Bootleggers as the ROM base. So qiDroid = Bootleggers GSI-fied.

Although there are no official Android GSI yet for Bootleggers, but thanks to the massive community of GSI enthusiasts now one of best Android GSI builder eremitein @Github made a Bootleggers Q GSI named qiDroid.

qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI info

Bootleggers Q Android GSI logo banner
name qiDroid (Bootleggers Q)
maintainer eremitein @Github(https://github.com/eremitein)
build Unofficial
android version Android 10 Q
partition style A / AB
architecture ARM / A64 (Binder) / ARM64

How to install qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI (example on ASUS Zenfone Live L2)

To get to know how to install an Android GSI for ASUS Zenfone Live L2, you can check it on: How to Install Generic System Image (GSI) on ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android Phone.

If you want to know common bugs I usually experienced on different Android GSIs and how to fix it, you can read it on: Common GSI Bugs on ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android Phone.

Quick review of qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI on my ASUS Zenfone Live L2

qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI homescreen
qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI Bootleg Dumpster
qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI Settings menu
qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI Settings menu Illusion theme

Bootleggers is one of popular custom ROM project know for its unique slogan: Shisufied. Certainly Bootleggers is not just an ordinary custom Android ROM because they have a concept here.

So what is Shishufied exactly? Well, I don’t know either. But from my experience since used the olders Bootleggers Android 8, Android 9 and now Android 10, Shisufied perhaps similar to retro feels.

As Shisufied at its core, Bootleggers ROMs always have preinstalled themes, colors, sounds, etc. to Shisufied our Android device experience.

Other than the Shisufied concept, Bootleggers is just like any other AOSP-based custom ROM that strive for maximum customizations just like Bliss, CrDroid, etc.

qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI download link

qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI | All Target Builds

qiDroid (Bootleggers Q) Android GSI quick tour video on Youtube

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