How to Unlock ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Bootloader

ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Bricked Illustration

Licosha β€” Starting your journey to tinker your ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android smartphone? Then your first step should be unlocking the bootloader.

Bootloader in an Android device is like the first door we should crack so we can inject modifications to our Android device system like installing custom recoveries, ROMs, kernels, etc.

However unlocking an Android device bootloader is also something we should think carefully, because unlocking our ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone bootloader also means we will lost the device warranty.

ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android robot unlock illustration

Our ASUS Zenfone Live L2 (Mine is ZA550KL) Android phone is lucky enough to get official tool (app) to make us able to unlock the bootloader easily in one click using the official “ZA550 Unlock Tool” provided by ASUS.

So, if you feel ready to start your ASUS Zenfone Live L2 modification journey, then let’s dive to the first step: unlocking bootloader.


  • Backups! Unlocking bootloader will erase all your data, apps, and internal storage.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • ZA550 Unlock Device Tool app (download link below).
  • Remove lockscreen. If you have set a lockscreen method, it is good if you remove it first. Because later the phone will be factory erased it is possible you will be “locked out” of your phone after booting with lockscreen method file remain on the system.

How to unlock ASUS Zenfone Live L2 bootloader

  1. Install the official “ZA550 Unlock Tool” app on your ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone.
  2. Turn on your internet connection.
  3. Open the ZA550KL Unlock Tool app.
  4. We will be presented with the End User License Agreement of terms and risks of unlocking the device bootloader, scroll down until it reach the end of the texts (you can consult with your lawyer first, LOL 🀣).ZA550KL unlock bootloader EULA
  5. Tick the “I have read and agree to all the terms…” box -> Tap “OK”.
  6. Once again, ASUS give you a second chance to backup now or never, another notice of disclaimer πŸ˜†. Scroll down till end of the text and tick the “Agree” box.
  7. Now the last step, tap the “PRESS TO UNLOCK YOUR DEVICE” button.ZA550 unlock device tool terms last warning
  8. Wait a moment until it’s done processing. Your ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone should reboot itself and will perform factory and internal storage reset.

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ASUS Zenfone Live L2 ZA550KL Unlock Device Tool Android app download link

ZA550KL UnlockTool v. (754.5 kB)
Download: ASUS Website | Google Drive

Older versions:

ZA550 Signed UnlockTool v. (755 kB)

Done! Now you have unlocked your ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone bootloader and you can begin to mess up rock the device system by installing custom recoveries, rooting, installing ROMs, etc πŸ˜†.

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